Thesaurus Rex

Thesaurus Rex is a synonym finder that you can use to find technical terms or make useful suggestions.

Apoplex -> Schlaganfall
galvanisieren -> metallbeschichten, metallisieren
Pferd -> Einhufer, Gaul, Hottehü, Hottemax, Ross, Rössel....

The search is tolerant to spelling mistakes. The search for'Adruhfy' finds Atrophie and Atrophia.

Within the hits you can search for further associations or for upper and lower terms.

  • approx. 80,000 words (more every week)
  • weekly update (you will never run out of ideas)
  • no advertising, no further costs
  • works in flight mode/no internet connection required
  • immediate display of hits
  • quick search
  • favourites
  • history

The dictionary is based on the work of all supporters of
Please support this work by registering and helping yourself. All changes are synchronized with Thesaurus Rex within one week.
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