Watering Pot

Watering flowers has never been so easy.
If you love flowers but forget to water your flowers or water them too often, this app is a must for you.
The app automatically reminds you to water your flowers.
You can also share the work with your friends and family regardless if they have an Android or Apple device. To be able to share the work, you need to subscribe. But already with one rescued plant you have the money in it again.
You will be automatically informed if someone else has watered a plant so that the plant doesn't get too much.

The following advantages are available to you when you sign up for a subscription:
  • Helper Support
  • Flower Scanner with QR Codes
  • no advertisement

For the first three months the subscription can be cancelled free of charge. Therefore you can test the app without any risk.
By the way, the helpers don't have to subscribe for the whole thing to work.
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